Sampling Locations and Data for Current/Past Projects

Navigate in the map above to view fieldwork and sampling sites for current projects. Full screen version available here.

Publicly Available Software and Scripts

Below are DOI links to the code I use for analysis, visualization, and modeling in my current projects. Most of this work is done in R, Netlogo, and the ImageJ Macro language.

  1. Snitker, Grant. Charcoal Fragment Quantification Tools for ImageJ (CharTool): Version 2.0. Retrievable from: Github, DOI:
  2. Snitker, Grant. Charcoal Record Simulation Model (CharRec): Version 1.5.0. CoMSES Computational Model Library. Retrievable from: 4795/releases/1.5.0/
  3. Snitker, Grant. TRS (Township/Range/Section) Conversion Tool for National Forest Lands in Central and Eastern Washington Launch TRS Conversion Tool from
  4. Snitker, Grant. GIS charcoal source area model for archaeological applications (CharSource). R Script version 2.0. Retrievable from: Github, DOI:
  5. Snitker, Grant. Long-Term Vulnerability and Transformation Project (LTVTP) Anti-correlation Modeling Tools. R Scripts version 2.0 Retrievable from: Github, DOI:

Laboratory Tutorials and Resources

Materials for students and colleagues using CharTool and other software.


  1. CharTool Tutorial #1: Downloading and opening ImageJ with CharTool Watch on Youtube
  2. CharTool Tutorial #2: Loading CharTool, connect a microscope, and set scale Watch on Youtube
  3. CharTool Tutorial #3: Quantifying charcoal with CharTool Watch on Youtube
  4. Description of petri dish holder used with CharTool Download PDF
  5. Laboratory protocol for processing charcoal samples for use with CharTool. Download PDF
  6. Original CharTool user guide Link to PDF
  7. Instructions for setting the scale in CharTool Download PDF


  1. Charcoal Record Simulation Model (CharRec) ODD protocol. Download PDF
  2. Estimating biomass to charcoal conversion workflow for CharRec. Download PDF
  3. Fuel energy relase worksheet for CharRec. Download excel (xlsx)