About Me

I am an environmental archaeologist, specializing in charcoal analysis, computational and analytical proxy modeling, and quantitative methods to understand the dynamic relationship between fire, humans, and long-term environmental change. I work primarily in the Western United States and the Western Mediterranean. When I am not doing archaeology, I am usually hiking, fly-fishing, or some combination of the two. I am passionate about our public lands and ensuring that everyone has access and opportunity to experience them. When I can, I also work as a fireline archaeologist and wildland firefighter, helping to preserve and protect both natural and cultural resources throughout the Western United States.

Current Appointment

ORISE Postdoctoral Researcher

Center for Forest Disturbance Science

US Forest Service - Southern Research Station


PhD - Anthropology, Museum Studies

Arizona State University, May 2019

MA - Anthropology

Arizona State University, May 2013

BA - Anthropology, Geography

University of Oregon, June 2010